Madison Park 2011 Art Walk Sponsored by the Madison Park Business Association | Heidi RandallMadison Park 2011 Art Walk Sponsored by the Madison Park Business Association | Heidi Randall

Heidi Randall

Tully's | 4036 East Madison

I was born in Maine to Canadian parents. I spent my childhood in Illinois, but spent much of my summers in the homelands of my parents, Nova Scotia & British Columbia. Seattle has been home to me since 1992.

While at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, I began to take art & photography classes. I concentrated briefly on graphic design, but found the heavy emphasis on technology daunting & unappealing. I had a passion for art history, so it then seemed natural to focus on that to get my degree. During this time I also studied for a semester at Oxford Polytechnic in England.

I began painting with acrylics about three years ago, after being inspired by a painting my son did (with acrylics on canvas) for his middle school art class. I have barely stopped since, finding my new passion both addictive and exhilarating. Each painting begins as panels of color that come alive as layers and detail are added for dimension & definition.

As a foundation for my paintings, I use photographs-- nearly all of which I have taken myself during trips within North America and in Europe. I strive to capture the scene's atmosphere and mood, paying close attention especially to color, natural light & composition. More recently I began incorporating embossed and foiled vintage wallpaper in my paintings to create a textured quality & collage effect, while adding an unexpected dimension.

I appreciate the work of the Impressionists--specifically the subject matter, importance of light, use of vivid color and the human presence almost always pervasive in their art. I also draw inspiration from the Early American Realists, whose work is starkly honest and less idyllic. Additionally, I am drawn to the work of the 17th century Dutch and Flemish artists, whose realistically rendered landscapes and atmospheric skies have made a strong impression.

I believe that art must first & simply be aesthetically pleasing. The second and ultimate goal of my art is a meditative one: to calm, and perhaps inspire a daydream or two...which fittingly, is also what the act of painting does for me.